Vastu Shastra

Indian Vastu shastra is art of construction or architecture or interior design of home or house or buildings. Vastu shastra tells about Vastu vidya which gives knowledge about how to make or build a home or house or buildings etc. Vastu shastra is called science of construction also.Vastu shastra for home covers all types of constructions build by human like house, home, bungalow, shops, buildings, apartments, hotels, schools, colleges, etc .Vastu shastra is Indian ancient science of architecture that helps to make houses free from any negative things.

Vastu is Sanskrit word means ‘House’ and Vastu shastra is an art of making house with full of positivity. So Vastu shastra for home is “art of making house”. Interior design using vastu tips and vastu advice is very important for happy house. Vastu shastra says about “PanchMahaBhoota” from which our lives controlled and balanced.

PanchMahaBhoota has five basic elements which governs our lives. As Vastu shsatra said about five root or basic elements of PanchMahaBhoota are described below:-

SPACE (Akasha) ): -This element provides shelter for rest of all elements. Akasha is sign of energy, light, heat for lives if living beings. It is like a primary conductor for all universal energy sources.

Earth (Bhumii) ): -According to increasing order from the Sun, third planet is Earth among all planets, acts like a magnet with South and North poles, centers of attractions. It’s gravitational forces and magnetic forces effects all living beings and also non living beings. Rotation of Earth from the axis of the Sun brings day and night and changes of seasons.

WATER (Jala) ): - Water is source of life. Represented by Rains, Rivers, Oceans, Seas, in liquid form. Everything in earth is composed of Water.

Air (Vaayu) ): - Without Air there is no lives in Universe. Lives on the Earth depend upon Air including Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Vapour form of Water.

FIRE (Agni) : - Agni is another important element of PanchMahaBhoota. It is very important for Life. Fire is represented by Heat and Light. Agni is sign of Energy.

All these five elements are co-related with each other. Without any of these life is not possible. These five natural forces affect the life of human beings. If persons understand these five natural forces then they can improve and make best conditions for their lives by construction and designing houses and through the understanding effectiveness of all five natural elements.

Vastu shastra tells about these elements’s effectiveness and combines them for balances of lives with people and material. These five elements effects the living and working conditions of people in their lives and according to the Vastu shastra, designing of home or buildings after keeping these five basic element in the mind will make person’s life very happy and full of joys.

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